We develop and distribute clinically validated medical apps for the treatment of nutritionally sensitive diseases

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eMedicals Healthtech GmbH is an ambitious R&D start-up in the field of nutrition sensitive diseases, based in Frankfurt am Main. We develop prescription medical applications (Software as a Medical Device) according to all relevant regulatory standards (BfArM, FDA, ISO and IEC).

Our first product is kidiDNA (kidi -Digital Nutritional Assistant). kidiDNA is a prescription-only medical app that avoids malnutrition, increases drug adherence, supports blood pressure management, and enables the monitoring of the disease by the patient and by the physician.

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the Fraunhofer Society have awarded us as a highly innovative company and have therefore, promoted us internationally (i.e. China).


By combining state-of-the-art medical science and data-driven technology we aim to increase patients’ quality of life and slow down the progression of nutrition sensitive diseases.


In the future, we coordinate the communication and interaction of all stakeholders in the ecosystem of nutrition related diseases through our integrated digital healthcare platform with patient-centered solutions.


kidiDNA is the first step of our journey.

kidiDNA provides personalized nutrition therapy based on a high-precision algorithm. The system of digital incentives of kidiDNA, addresses the cognitive and neurobehavioral mechanisms of the patients, leading them to adhere in a sustainable way to their diet and medication plans.

eMedicals Logo


kidiDNA's high-precision algorithm provides personalized, real-time digital nutrition therapy. Based on health data that is continuously collected from the patient and, using neurobehavioral mechanisms, kidiDNA leads to behavioral changes in patients through personalized gamification and nudging elements.

Value Proposition

For patients: we increase their quality of life by giving them real-time recipe recommendations and we provide them with the tools they need to be independent when taking nutrition related decisions.

For physicians: we make their daily work lighter and increase the quality of the therapy decisions they take, by giving them channels for a better communication and visual analytics tools.

For health insurers: we lead to cost savings because, by using our app, the patients take less medication, reduce their hospital stays, and delay the entry into dialysis.

For research institutions: we provide them with new insights leading to innovative treatment methods or increasing the validity of studies through the availability of data in real-life settings.

For hospitals: we lead to cost savings by providing HCP the tools for a more efficient communication (avoiding, for example, unnecessary double-examinations).


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Achievements (so far)

October 2020

Prof. Dr. med. K.Georg Kreymann becomes our Senior Medical Director

As a renowned nutrition expert, Georg had been part of eMedicals Advisory Board since 2019. Now we feel proud to have him in our operational team.

Georg is former Medical Director at Baxter Healthcare where he was the medical responsible for Nutrition, Anesthesia, and Critical Care at an international level.

During his 30-year trajectory at the University Medical Centre Hamburg-Eppendorf in Intensive Care Medicine, Georg was the first director of a multidisciplinary department in this area.

Georg has also had honorary charges such as the presidency of the German Society for Nutritional Medicine.

September 2020

Presentation of kidiDNA at the annual DGfN meeting

We were invited to the annual meeting of the German Society for Nephrology (DGfN for its initials in German) where we introduced kidiDNA to the nephrologist community and started a development-cooperation for “the kidiDNA version” for physicians.

August 2020

Cooperation with Fraunhofer IGD & MEVIS

We partnered with the Fraunhofer Institutes IGD (Computer Graphics Research Institute) and MEVIS (Institute of Digital Medicine) for collaborations in the areas of visual analytics and medical data processing, among others.

July 2020

Submission of grant applications

Along with the University Hospital Frankfurt a.M., the Technical University Darmstadt, the Bundesverband Niere e.V. and the German Society for Nephrology (DGfN) we submitted grant applications to the BMBF, Loewe3 and Distr@l to ensure the financing of joint projects for research, development, and marketing of digital incentive systems, visual analytics and AI elements for kidiDNA.

March 2020

Evaluation of Concept by BARMER

Germany's second largest health insurance company evaluated our concept and classified it as very innovative.

February 2020

Evaluation of Concept by AOK Nordost

AOK Nordost recognized our therapy concept for the specific needs and nutritional requirements of patients with kidney disease as very innovative. According to this renowned insurer, there is currently no equivalent digital offering to kidiDNA in Germany.

January 2020

Winner of InnoHealth China 2020

eMedicals Healthtech GmbH is one of the winners of “InnoHealthChina 2020”, a joint campaign by the Fraunhofer Society and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Our project “Kidi - digital integrated care supply platform for patients with kidney disease”, in collaboration with the University Hospital Frankfurt am Main, was awarded for its innovative concept. Within the framework of the initiative “Research in Germany”, our start-up now represents Germany as a research location abroad. With this award, we will be able to take part in “Matching Tour China“ organized by the German Chamber of Commerce in Beijing, China, which will take place in the Spring of 2021. This will give us the opportunity to meet with Chinese research institutions, large tech companies and investors.

November 2019

Futura Marburg

After an invitation from the Marburg Institute for Innovation Research and Business Start-Up Support (MAFEX), we took part in “Futura 2019”, a start-up competition organized by Gerina AG. Here we placed second out of nine teams and were considered the most innovative idea in the Digital Health field. It was at this event that we were first approached by major institutional investors.

November 2019

Foundation of eMedicals Healthtech GmbH

October 2019

Cooperation with University Hospital Frankfurt a.M.

Beginning of the joint efforts to develop our product from the medical perspective and conception of clinical studies.

September 2019

Accepted in the “ChancenNutzer” program by JP Morgan Chase Foundation, KfW and Social Impact Lab

The Social Impact Lab incubator in Frankfurt, assessed our idea as an innovation of great social impact. We inspired the judges with our future-shaping concept and were granted a place at the ChancenNutzer program, funded by the JP Morgan Chase Foundation. We were hereby given access to co-working spaces, professional business coaching, consulting services, legal advice and networking opportunities.